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  • The Shigir Idol (Russian: Шигирский идол), is the most ancient wooden sculpture in the world,made during the Mesolithic period, around 11,000 BC. The Idol is carved from larch. As identified from the annual rings, the tree was at least 159 years old. Stone tools were used for carving the markings. Wikipeda: Shigir Idol

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  • Lepenski Vir (Лепенски Вир, Lepen Whirl) is an important Mesolithic archaeological site located in Serbia in central Balkan peninsula The latest radiocarbon and AMS data suggests that the chronology of Lepenski Vir is compressed between 9500/7200-6000 BC. The Lepenskir Vir site consists of one large settlement with around ten satellite villages. Numerous...

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